Foot and ankle orthopedic surgery practice

Posted on 2015-12-30
December 12, 2015, in Taiwan, Lukang, Asia's only multinational minimally invasive surgery training center - Show biography Asia distance of minimally invasive surgery center, the third answer anatomical training courses are in full swing.

The course was jointly organized by the Taiwan Institute of orthopedic trauma and Taiwan love Pai Adams (Aplus) Company, Haibo into the medical honor of being one of the partners were also involved, sponsored autopsy power system.
Take this platform to communicate with the operation, so that both sides get young clinical orthopedic surgeons with an effective training opportunities for the operation of increased surgical experience.

Whether it is a small foot and ankle surgery or a pen gun drill burr Swiss imports, Bo into the foot and ankle surgery in the medical power development have spared no effort to invest in resources, technology, and listen to the doctor's feedback, and strive to produce the most suitable power tool ankle surgery.
During the course, mostly students and professors have commented, foot and ankle surgery Bojin power system operations into a simple, powerful, especially in the sagittal saw and Kirschner interfaces easy to use and flexible, Switzerland imports burr interfaces richer, sawing, drilling, grinding, screw interfaces readily available, can fully meet the requirements of all foot and ankle surgery.