Bojin the medical power systems and portable X-ray machine - examples of animal surgery

Posted on 2015-12-11
Animal friends as human beings, now more and more people's attention and love, many people will choose a good veterinary hospitals in the treatment of their pets injury to his beloved part.


At a veterinary hospital in Brazil, doctors are as a fracture fixation surgery on animals. And human orthopedic surgery, animal surgery also need the right tools and power X-ray machine as a secondary surgical instruments.
Bo into the medical profession of veterinary power system, in addition to the interface with the conventional sagittal saw and Kirschner interface dedicated to veterinary surgery comes with an annular saw interfaces, allowing physicians to more aspects of osteotomy surgery, shorter.


Furthermore, since the characteristics of the veterinary surgery, general animal's body will not be too big, so Bo into the latest generation of portable medical X-ray machines, whether located in the preoperative or intraoperative and postoperative camera films, can be more a doctor's demand for flexible switching position, and be fast, accurate and safe shooting.