Public procurement platform geometric impact on the market

Posted on 2015-12-04
In mid-May, China's medical equipment procurement of public service platform into trial operation soon, signing scale had reached 50 billion yuan, with more than 200 institutions and enterprises to establish a cooperative relationship. Thus, this new specialized medical equipment for the establishment of service procurement platform, the potential impact on the future market should not be underestimated. According to the operational CLC, the procurement service platform will help to solve the lack of supervision, prices were inflated and other major contradictions and problems in the centralized procurement of medical devices currently exist. However, it can not achieve this goal in the end, many people in the industry said it would wait and see.
Sound: Central Purchasing problems to be solved
China Medical Equipment Association, Zhu Qingsheng, May 15 in the "China Medical Device Purchasing public service platform test run press conference," pointed out, medical equipment purchasing behavior is a medical and health institutions at all levels of an important part of the medical device configuration. At present, China's large-scale medical equipment by the CPI national health planning department centralized procurement organization and management; conventional device according to the procurement plan, according to the government centralized procurement tender commission a third party, independent hospitals and other forms of direct procurement bidding and procurement; provincial medical supplies and municipal health authorities and medical institutions implement centralized government procurement and own procurement.
"Because of the contradictions of the system and mechanism, centralized purchasing of medical equipment system defects exist, the phenomenon of lack of supervision, lack of services, market barriers." The association, another official told reporters, centralized procurement problems are mainly related to six aspects : First, the absence of regulation lead to purchase behavior is not standardized, blind purchase, repeat purchase, and so there are still high-priced purchase. And, in a large high-end imports of medical equipment procurement, commercial bribery still exists. In the procurement of medical supplies, and are not allowed to adopt not only recruit second bargaining lead to lack of adequate price competition among enterprises. Second, product quality varies greatly. Tens of millions of large and small to a few dollars of medical equipment, because of quality problems caused by a number of medical disputes. In addition, because many users do not trust the domestic medical equipment, resulting in lower purchase rate and usage-made medical devices. Third, the supply and demand sides of the procurement matters possession information asymmetry. Some medical institutions have sought to improve the way centralized auction by the manufacturers, but the lack of system security, leading to greater bidding randomness, lose sense of competitive pricing. Fourth, the lack of assessing and evaluating system standards. Our quality medical devices, price, service three key aspects of the lack of uniform industry assessment system and standards, in terms of security there is no uniform evaluation system. Five expert uneven distribution of different levels. Coverage throughout the medical device centralized procurement specialists uneven professional standards differ, engineering, materials, clinical trials and management experts with no close, direct impact on the quality and results of the tender evaluation. Six is ​​the product code is not uniform. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health and Family Planning Commission, Food and Drug Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection Administration of Customs, Bureau of Statistics and China ANCC nine departments with a separate classification and coding of medical devices. Coding system is not complete, the rules are not uniform standards, equipment name inconsistent, incomplete product information, coding resources are not shared, to a certain extent, restricted the industry management and industry development.
Planning: public platform smooth procurement
"In recent years, a number of domestic and foreign equipment dealers rack their brains, using various means of bribery and corrosion of medical devices circulation staff all sectors, especially in high-priced foreign equipment suppliers not only sell products, but also bribes and corrosion-related state organs and institutions, to our country normal business environment and market order to bring a very bad influence. The Internet and information technology support for procurement platform as a tool and method, it is possible to some extent related to the fight against illegal operations and violations, get rid of the product multistage Agent , ring fare drawbacks, blocking the flow of medical devices in the field of 'gray transaction'. "Chinese medical equipment procurement, construction and operation of public service platform unit doctors Sunshine Mining Co., Ltd., chairman of First Po Lin said.
According to reports, China's medical equipment procurement of public service platform to build the China Medical Equipment Association and the World Trade Development Investment Co., Ltd. The platform uses a unified database of medical device companies, Product, code libraries, qualified library, procurement catalog, technical parameters of the Treasury, the bid price history library, the establishment of a procurement system, e-commerce systems, information service system and financial services system, for the relevant Central Purchasing centers, medical institutions and medical equipment sales, the company offers online trading, online auction, online billing, online financing, supervision and other services online. In addition, the platform also established a market service system, involved in financial services, procurement information, market information, quality assessment, price evaluation, quality reports, market reports, purchasing index, service evaluation, product catalogs, product coding, data exchange, corporate integrity selection, selection of high-quality products, enterprise certification, digital certification, information customization, supply chain financing, logistics services, insurance services, and business promotion, products, technology promotion, training, consulting, communication exhibition, industrial park construction and other projects.
I'm beginning treasure believe, achieved through openness and transparency of modern information technology, online transactions, process standards help to unify and standardize transactions, stabilize equipment prices, lower health care costs, resist and prevent corruption, so that the medical equipment procurement truly open, fair fair trading sunlight, promote the healthy development of China's medical device industry.
China Medical Equipment Association official also pointed out that the platform will give full play to the market competition mechanism, promote the development of production and demand for seamless use of the medical device industry to upgrade the overall level of domestic medical equipment industry promotion, break the constraints of the domestic medical equipment obstacles to the development of applications play an important role, but also facilitate the sale of medical products to track, re-evaluation, to collect information on adverse events, and timely investigation, analysis, processing, medical device registration certificate has been organized evaluation and re-evaluation boost user confidence in the use of domestic medical equipment.