The three parties, Shanghai Bojin, the state government of Penza Oblast and Titanmed signed a cooperation intention

Posted on 2016-12-30

BJT 8, December


Ivan Belozsev, the governor of Penza Oblast, Andre Jubikov, CEO of Titanmed CO., LTD. of Moscow and Xijiong Wang, CEO of Shanghai Bojin signed the cooperation intention.


Belozsev said: “The state government of Penza Oblast have intention to establish a joint venture enterprise and is ready for creating favorable conditions for inventors.” Xijiong Wang indicated: “We know how to produce and how to sell the products, we are not only interested in the market of Russian, but also the localization production in the region.”


According to the news of state government of Penza Oblast, Belozsev would inspect personally to ensure the realization of the project between China and Russian about the establishment of the joint factory of orthopaedic products. Titanmed, found in 2010, focus on the supply of foreign implants with low price and high quality. Shanghai Bojin Electric Instrument&Device Co., Ltd., established in 1993, manufacture mainly medical saw and drill, portable X-ray machine, fracture healing and orthopedic tools.