The medical application of portable X-ray machine - examples ankle surgery

Posted on 2015-12-04
In November 2015, in the Spanish Hospital de Manises hospital by Dr.Rodrigo and Dra.Celia a foot and ankle surgeon surgery is being performed.

Body art is not used in a huge inconvenience to the traditional mobile X-ray machine, but the use of health care by Haibo into the production of the latest generation of portable X-ray machine, and is connected to the hospital's touch-screen real-time display camera Trolley sheet effects.

Because of foot and ankle surgery Kirschner played more frequently, conventional X-ray machines difficult to achieve real-time recording and easy to move, so the portable X-ray machine to make up for this disadvantage in this regard, let the doctor surgery easier and more operating time short.

Portable X-ray machine in the hand, foot surgery, knee damage inspection, veterinary surgery and other aspects of the operation can play a good supporting role.