Operating manual (System 4000)

Posted on 2015-02-13
Medical electrical saw drill
(System 4000)
Operating manual
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Medical electric saw drill
Usage and feature
Medical electrical saw drill is the new product designed by our company, used for surgery operation. The instrument has the beautiful figure and with the small volume, light weight, without the electrical wire, easily to be carried, safely operating, then it can shorten the operating time.


The electrical saw drill is composed of main unit, part assemblies, charger and battery. All the shell is completely sealed. The charger is not used for medical instrument.


Model explanation


BJZ – 1、BJJ-1Main unit, charger, battery

Main technical feature:
Main unit: working voltage:14.4V
Output power:≥90W
Charger:Input voltage:AC 110-220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Output voltage:14.4V
Charging time:About 2Hours


Technical data
Drill non-load rotating rate:≥300r/m
Drill non-load noise:≤40db
Acetabulum reaming drill torque: ≥7.8Nm
Saw non-load frequency:≥0-15000 time/min
Saw non-load noise:≤75db


Products classification
Medical electric saw drill’s classification is based on shocking protection, the motor belongs to inner power B type device, charger belongs to II – B type common device; the device can not be used in flammable anaesthesia air & air mix or oxygen mix air.


The product is the professional medical instrument, the user must be the person who has the relative technical or has been train.
The product should be disinfect after disinfecting( See as the operating manual), the product should be test before normal usage, the method is: insert the battery to the main unit, press the switch lightly then the motor should be rotating, exchange the CW/CCW switch, the motor should running, otherwise the main unit has malfunction, so stop using immediately and contact to the seller, mail the instrument to the factory to repair.


1. Reversed switch1. Running switch
2. Jacob chuck2. Battery cover
3. Running switch3. blade button
4. Battery cover 

The saw blade’s installing and dissembling
Press the blade supporter button, insert the blade to the supporter, then loose the button, the blade will be locked tightly. When the blade is blunt, please change the blade after use 1-3 surgery. But the best way is only use one time.


The drill head’s installing and dissembling
Loose the clamp, insert the drill head to the clamp, then tighten the clamp and tighten with the key, press the switch to run it, if need to dissemble the drill head, then loose the clamp with the clamp key, then can take out the drill head.


The battery assembly’s installing and dissembling
Take off the handle battery cover and put the battery glove, hold the battery with the cloth which has been disinfected, make the battery small side down, aim the concave channel to the protruding channel, take off the cloth and cover the battery cover, after the operation finished, then hole the handle and shake it or take out it, then the battery will drop automatically.
Note: Don’t drop the battery to the ground, avoid damaging.


Operating explanation for charging and battery
The charger is not the medical instrument, during the charging period, the battery and the main unit is separately, the main unit can not be used. Connect the charger to the power supply, the power LED and charging LED will be on simultaneously. Make the battery small side down, insert the battery to the charger, the charging LED will change from green to red, mean the charging start, after 2 hours, the red LED will change to green mean the charging finished. The battery can not be used immediately after charging, wait the battery cool then put it to the disinfecting glove and can use it in the operating room. The charged battery can be used on full load no less than 8 minutes.
If the battery not be used for long time, should charge the battery timely(15 days) to confirm the life time of the battery.
Testing the power capacity, connect the charger to the power supply, insert the socket on the battery to the charger, the LED turn to green mean the capacity is full, otherwise mean the capacity is not full, should charge it again or replace the battery. Normally, the battery can be charge and discharge between 100- 150 times.


Note: The battery cannot put to fire, can’t autoclave, otherwise it will explode, it should be put into the special recycle box.


On/off operation
Press the switch, the saw and drill will run; release it then stop.
The speed of the action can be controlled by the amplitude of the pressing, small means low, big means high.


Change the rotation’s direction( suit to the drill)
Turn the switch to the L means CW, R means CCW
Note: The rotating direction should be done under the drill’s stopping status.


1.Before using, should check the drill heat jumping, if the amplitude high than the drill can not be used. Check the drill sharp or not, if not should be modified. When cutting the object, it should be fixed and without vibrating. If the drill head was broken, replace it immediately.
2.The fixing between the drill head and saw should tight, fix the head should use the special key. The saw should fixed too with pull it to test and prevent the accident, avoid the instrument tarnishing.
3.The battery should not be disinfected on high temperature and high pressure and let it in the unit for long time. If power break occurred during the operation (main unit stop), pull out the battery immediately.
4.If the unit is too heat or with the abnormal sound, stop using it immediately, do not dissemble, and contact to the seller or the manufacturer, and feed back the instrument to the special factory to repaired.
5. Motor rotating rate:According to the normal occasion, if the speed is too high, then will cause burning the bone, if the rate is too low then the time is too long, so the suitable speed is very important. The 300 r/min is the better.
6. Disinfecting: include suffocating, high pressure and high temperature and marinating. For main unit, it can be disinfected by high temperature and pressure, the battery forbidden by this way.


Malfunction eliminates:
1.The cutting blade is not on the position: operating by the manual strictly.
2.Battery no use: check the battery in time.
3.Battery uncharged: Charging it before the operation.
4.Battery lack: Check the battery before the operation


The shell of the main unit can be cleaned by water or alcohol, then store.


Use the product after disinfect and sterilize according to the hospital’s provision


Disinfecting method
MethodTemperatureTimeDry time
Quick without cloth129℃~134℃10min8min
Vacuum with cloth129℃~134℃4min8min
ethylene oxide with cloth49℃~57℃150minVentile 8 hours
270F steam with cloth129℃~134℃35min8min
270Fsteam with two layer cloth121℃~123℃50 min8 min
Note Only for reference


1.The battery cannot be disinfected by high temperature and high pressure
2.That is the best method but the time and temperature should be strictly controlled in the right field, otherwise that the main unit damaged! And the charger and the battery needn’t be disinfected.
3.Now we suggest that despite the formalin and suffocating sterilizing method is cankerous but that will not damage the main unit immediately, so the steam is less or disinfected by ethylene oxide, then there will no steam and no causticity, then it is the best disinfecting method.


Transportation and storage condition
Environment temperature range:-10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity range:≤90%
Air pressure range:500hPa~1060hPa


Instrument running condition
Environment temperature range:5℃~40℃
Relative humidity range:≤70%
Air pressure range: 860hPa~1060hPa


Quality certification
The Bojin medical electrical saw drill manufactured according to the National relative standards and enterprise standard, if the quality problem, the Bojin company will do the “three certification” for the customer strictly according to the national relative provision.


1.After purchase the product, please check the all parts in time.
2.For confirming the safety, do not unpack and repair the product, when the malfunction occurred, contact with the service department as soon as possible.
3.If the customer needs the relative reference, please inform to us.
4.For improving order, the specification can be changed without the announcement.


The main unit guarantees for two years and can be repair forever, the battery guarantee for 3 months. The blades do not belong to the guarantee.


Annex: Packing list


Main unit2
Drill clamp1
Operating manual1
Q.A Card1
Aluminum alloy packing box1


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