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Posted on 2015-03-30
Surgical power tools
(System 8200)
Operating Manual
Operating Instructions
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Multi-function hand surgery
Usage and Feature
Systems 8200 is new product series designed by our company for surgery operation. This kit has beautiful figuration, small volume and light weight, cordless, portable, safely operated, so it can save time during operation.


Systems 8000 is composed of one handpiece and 6 attachments, charger, battery and battery transfer ring. The shell is completely sealed. The charger doesn’t belong to medical instrument.


Model explanation


BJJZ – 1Handpiece, charger, battery

Major Technical Performance Index:
Handpiece: Working voltage:7.2V
Output power:≥20W
Temperature: ≤25°C
Charger:Input voltage:AC 220V,50Hz
Output voltage:7.2V, 700mA
Charging time:About 3 Hours
Input power: 30VA
Battery: Voltage:7.2V
Technical Data
Drill: non-load rotating speed:700r/m~1100r/m
Saw: non-load rotating speed:≥500r/m
Drill : non-load noise:≤40dB
Saw: non-load noise:≤70dB
Radial beat: ≤0.5mm


Products Classification
Systems 8200 is classified by electric-shock-defence, the motor belongs to inner power B type device, charger belongs to II – B type common device. The device musn’t be used in the flammable anaesthesia air or nitrous oxide air.


The product is professional medical instrument, the user of which must be the person who has relative technical experience or has been trained.
The product must be sterilized before use(Operate according to the Manual) . The product should be tested before use: insert the battery into the handpiece, press the button, the motor should be rotating. Exchange the CW/CCW switch, the motor should be rotating inversely, otherwise the handpiece has malfunction. So please stop using it immediately and contact to the vendor, return it to the factory to repair.


1.Installing and unloading of attachments:


2.Installing and unloading of battery:
Take off the handle battery cover, insert the battery transfer ring, hold the battery with sterile gauze, aiming the concave channel to the protruding channel of handle, insert it with smaller side down, remove the gauze and cover the battery cover. After operation done, hold the handle and shake it, then the battery will drop automatically.
Note: To avoid damage, don’t drop the battery to the ground.


3.Battery charging instructions
The charger doesn’t belong to medical instrument. During charging time, the battery is separated from handpiece.
Connect the charger to the power supply out of operation room, the power indicator light and charging indicator light will be on simultaneously . Insert the battery to the charger with smaller side down, and the charging indicator light will change from green to yellow, which means charging starts .After 3 hours, the yellow indicator light will turn back to green, which means the charging finished. The battery can not be used immediately after charging, wait till the battery cool down, then put it into the sterilized protector for use. The charged battery can be used more than 8 minutes with full load. The battery is J-AA 1800Ni-MH green battery, without memory, there’s no need to discharge before charging.
If the battery will not be used for a long time, you should charge the battery timely (15 days) to confirm its life. Testing the power capacity, connect the charger to the power supply, insert the battery to the charger with smaller side down ,if the indicator light turns into green, it means the capacity is full, otherwise means the capacity is not full, we should charge it again or replace the battery. Normally, the battery can be charged and discharged for 200 times.
Note: Don’t put the battery into fire, otherwise it will explode, it should be put into the special recycle box.


4.Switch instructions
  • Press the switch, the drill/saw will run; release it then stop.
  • The speed can be controlled by the amplitude of the pressing,small range means low, big range means high.
5.Rotating direction control ( only for drill)
Turn the switch to the L means CW (clockwise), R means CCW(counter clockwise )
Note: Only under the condition of drill stop working can turn the switch to change rotating direfction.


1. Do check the radial jumping of the head before operation, the one of big range can’t be used. Check the sharpness of drill bit, if not sharpen it. When the tool used to cut the object, it should be fixed and without vibrating. If the head is broken, please replace it immediately.
2. On the charger, there’s a fuse at the network power supply part, if the fuse is burn out ,one must use a screwdriver to open the fuse box in power-off situation and replace the broken fuse. The model of the fuse is T type,250V,2A.
3. There is a F type,10A fuse inside battery. If the instrument doesn’t work when testing, generally speaking, the fuse is broken, and this situation normally occurs accompany with damage of handpiece, so don’t repair it yourself, contact the seller or factory, return the instrument to factory for maintenance.
4. The fixation of the attachment and the head must be fast. For some heads one should use the clamp key to fix it.
5. The instrument and the accessories should be stored in dry place to avoid rust.
6. The battery musn’t be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure or remained in handpiece for long. Take the battery out immediately after operation. If power-off occurs during the operation (the instrument stops working), replace the spare battery immediately.
7..If there occurs abnormal voice or the instrument becomes too hot during operation, please stop using it immediately and contact the seller or factory, return the instrument to factory for maintenance.


Cleaning and Disinfection:
Attention: The battery mustn’t be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.
1. Cleaning: When cleaned its protection is similar to the protection when disinfected. The crust of handpiece can be cleaned by cloth soaked with water or alcohol.
Note: After operation, the cranial drill bit and bur must be promptly cleaned by special cleanser, otherwise it will effect usage next time when the blood is solidified. Worse, it will damage the handpiece.


2.Disinfection:Only in accordance with examination can it be put into use after sterilization .
Disinfection method recommendationfor handpiece):
Quick without packing cloth129℃~134℃10min8min
Vacuum with packing cloth129℃~134℃4min8min
ethylene oxide with cloth49℃~57℃150minVentilate 8 hours
270F steam with cloth129℃~134℃35min8min
270F steam with dual cloth121℃~123℃50 min8 min
Above recommended disinfection methods are the most secure and reliable, however, the time and the temperature must be strictly under control, otherwise the handpiece will be damaged immediately! The battery and charger need no sterilization.
Currently, the formalin suffumigation method is taken by major domestic hospitals, despite of its corrosion, it won’t damage the handpiece immediately. If condition permitted, it’s better to take the vacuum disinfection with little steam or ethylene oxide disinfection without steam or corrosion.


Instrument Quality:
  1. System 8200 is strictly examined by enterprise standard before distribution. Whatever belongs to product quality, our warranty includes three bales of system: repair, replacement and refund.
  2. After purchasing the good, please count the whole set of the instrument.
  • If the instrument can’t work, don’t attempt to take down the broken parts yourself, please contact follow-up service department promptly.
  • If you need our products’ technical information, please email us.
To improve our products, the specifications contained in the certification could be altered without notice in advance. Battery doesn’t belong to three bales of system.


Transportation and Reserve Conditions:
1. Environmental temperature: -10℃~+40℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
3.Air pressure: 500hPa~1060hPa


Instrument Running Condition:
1. Environmental temperature: 5℃~40℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 70%
3. Air pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa


Attachment(Packing List)


Handpiece 1pc
Charger 1 pc
Battery 2 pc
Battery transfer ring 2 pc
Attachment 3 pc/6pc
Clamp key 1pc
Saw blade 1pc
Manual 1 pc
Aluminum alloy box 1 pc
Product certification 1 pc
Warranty 1 pc



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