Operating manual (BJI-1J2)

Posted on 2015-03-30
Portable X-ray Fluoroscopy Instrument
Operating manual
Shanghai Bojin Medical Instrument Co.,ltd



Unit 1: Summary
Model BJI-1JⅡ portable X-ray fluoroscopy instrument is the new equipment manufactured by Shanghai Bojin Electric Instrument & Device co., Ltd. for orthopedics inspection. It adopt new imaging technique and internally installed high-voltage generator, as the new imaging technique has high sensitivity, so the radiation does is very low, then it ensures the operator and patients safety.
  • Without the darkroom and protecting, can work at any time.
  • High gain, high sensitivity, and high resolution image intensifier, offer you easy operating.
  • Low radiation dose, reliable protection, simple structure, small volume and light weight, can either be handheld or used on the table, it's very convenient to handle.
  • Can connect with video and computer.

Unit 2: Specification
The machine is classified as class Ⅰ type B,sealed equipment but non-watertight, the main technical data is shown as below:


Space resolution   ≥30Lp/cm
Gray scale       ≥6
Max thickness is no more than 300 mm
X-ray unit valid field is Φ100mm
X-ray tube voltage   80kV
X-ray tube current   0.5mA
X-ray leakage( distance to focus 0.5m, at any angle)   ≤1.0mGy/h


Equipment storing condition:
Environment temperature range: -20℃~55℃;
Relative humidity range: ≤95%;
Air pressure range: 500hPa~1060hPa。
Equipment running condition
Temperature: 10℃~40℃;
Relative humidity: ≤75%;
Air pressure: 700 hPa~1060hPa;
Power supply: 90-240V 50±1Hz。
Power: 70VA


Unit 3: Application
  • It's a necessary tool for the surgeon, no matter where the surgeon are---both in the hospital and go one's rounds, or emergency treatment, wardround, repeat examination during operation, thanks to the small volume and light weight, makes workingwith easy-to -use control. It also play an important assistant role and providegreat efficiency in fracture application: fusion, fixing, thread a needle,pick out foreign objective, especially install intramedullary nai and fix supporting equipment. 
  • The wounded treatment in sporting field, construction site, ocean-going vessel,
    remote area and army training locale.
  • Widely used in scientific research, experiment, engineering, educational and scientific
  • Veterinary use, horse ranch.
  • Safety inspection in airport; post inspection.
  • Other field.
Unit 4: X-ray leakage and safety
The machine adding voltage is 80kV, current is 0.5mA, under this condition, the exceed image receiving field is 30mm,the maximum energy is150μGy/h。
The machine adopt a series of strict and cautions effective methods to prevent X-ray leakage, including the X-ray lead cover, the protecting board, so special protecting is needless.
The product is a portable equipment, constantly movement will cause the parts excursion, so the machine should be tested timely, to ensure the ray dose in the valid field. If the leakage exceeding the standard, you should stop using it and contact the manufacture on time..


Unit 5: Operating method
  1. Insert the power box plug to the main socket, and make the hole inside protecting board track and screw on the aluminum board in front of intensifier telescoped, rotating the protecting board avoid dropping.
  2. Connect the wall AC outlet power supply to 90-240V, then the green lamp will be on, check the machine( if you find the machine is abnormal, should stop using and contact the manufacture on time). At this time, the green light on the machine should be on, yellow light will be off, if it is not this situation, you should check all the connection. If all is normal, but green light is off or yellow light is continuously on, should stop using and contact the manufacture on time.
  3. Depress the switch button, then you can observe the image from LCD, and the image is locked when you loose the switch.
  4. You also can connect the machine to external monitor or computer, if you want to observe from computer, the process of connecting is as below:
Ⅰ.There’s a monitor connecting wire in the aluminum Box (BJI-1JⅡ). Take off the metal port of the yellow side; connect with the yellow interface of the wire in USB TV BOX.
Ⅱ. Connect the black interface (the other side of the yellow interface of the wire, to the yellow AV faucet of USB disk, and then make the USB disk connect with the PC.
Ⅲ. Open the USB TV BOX, you will find a disk inside, please install driver and UTV380, for language, you can choose English.
Ⅳ. Open the TV Home Media, choose “TV”, click on “Setting”, during “Hardware Set”, change to “Composite”, and then click “Return”, (Wait a moment), depress the switch button of the machine, then the image appears and could be adjusted.
Ⅴ. If no image appears, please stop and quit the USB disk, make sure the connecting then try again.
Attention:The LCD and external monitor or computer can not be used at the same time. There is a button under the LCD, when connect the machine to monitor or computer, depress this button, LCD will be power off, to make sure the resolution of the monitor or computer. Re-depress the button, LCD will be on, and monitor or computer will be off.
  1. Depress the switch button, the yellow light will on, after several seconds, (filament warm-up), you can observe the image from monitor or computer. If there is any abnormal situation, please contact the manufacturing factory immediately. The button is without locking, you should keep depressing when using. The machine is time-lapse when working, the thicker the observing position is, the more time it will take. The lag time is indicated by instruction light from state 1 to state 4, and adjusted by state button, every time depress can add 1 state, after reach state 4, then it go back to state 1, the higher the state is, the more clear the image will be. There is a regulation resistance on the small panel, to adjust the imaging contrast, the image will be lighter when you adjust the contrast higher, users can use it according to their requirements. The machine has image locking function, whenever you loose button, the image on the video will be locked. So when you observed the picture you need, just loose the button, then you can carefully obseved the picture which have been locked on the video, at the same time, the radiation doesn’t exist, then the user and patients’ radiation intake can be reduced.      
  2. Despite the machine is lower dose, but still has the radiation. For the same patient, working period of the machine should be as short as possible. The manufacturer suggest that the max working period should be less than 50-70 s. If hold exceed 50-70s, the machine will shutdown the ray automatically, to remind user the regulation time, also protect machine itself. When you release the button , then you can operate again. See details at the attention article 3.
  3. During the operation, please try to increase the distance between skin and focus, make the inspecting part close to intensifier and far from the tube. Then can make the image more clear and reduce the dose for the patient. Take away the material with the patient except something which can not be easily moved.(eg. Plaster, clothes) when inspecting.
  4. Environment light should be as dark as possible.
  5. When the inspection is finished, turn off the power supply switch, pull out the wire between power box and machine, monitor connecting wire or USB connecting wire, take of f the protecting board, put the machine and wire into the box.
  6. There are two fuses in the power box , they are connected by welding. If the fuse broken, you should open the power box, replace the fuse.the fuse model is T type, 1A,250V。(Attention: The box only can be open when the wire is pull our from the electric outlet)
Unit 6: Attention
  1. Before use the machine, connect the machine and power supply box first, then connect web power supply. When finished, reversely, pull out the web power supply first and pull out the other plugs. Attention that, when connect the power box to web power, don’t depress the switch button(especially for the users who required pedal switch), otherwise, can cause badly damage.
  2. When the equipment is not use, put it to the aluminum box. If stop using for a while, put it on the table horizontally, to prevent broken if machine fall down. Usually, the aluminum box should avoid falling down, to avoid machine damage.
  3. To prolong the machine’s using life, don’t use it continuously for a long time, 1 minute use with 3 minutes release. Between two times starting, we should keep at least 5 seconds release, to avoid high voltage accumulation which can cause moment high voltage, then damage the X-ray tube, and cause artificial broken.
  4. When used the machine, you should use the three pin socket with well grounding. Otherwise it will crate the high voltage static and may damage the part of the machine.
  5. The machine should be cleaned in time, if inspect a blood patient, you should clean it immediately, alcohol can be used. Be carefully when cleaning, don’t let the water enter into the machine to damage the machine.
  6. Don’t let the water, alcohol, plaster and blood to enter the power switch, button and power plug, avoid the circuit malfunction to influence the usage.
  7. If you find smear in the aluminum box when using, it means that tube may existed oil leak(this situation is very singularly), please stop using and contact manufacture or sales agent.
  8. The machine is compact structure and use the high voltage, so do not let the customer disassembling it, if the user find the monitor or the indicating light is off or the monitor is dark, turn off and machine and contact the manufacture.
  9. Attention:If the image is lack as the moon, that means the ray excursion exist, this situation can cause x ray leakage exceed standard, you should contact the manufacture.  
  10. Do not use for the patient that sensitive by the ray, carefully not used for the genitals, eyes and children.
  11. Distance between skin and focus should be more tan 43mm。
Unit 7: The situation need to be explained
1. The machine has the unmovable filter, and no added filter, so the total filter is no less than 2.5mmAl;
  1. The x-ray is under collimator fixing, x-ray range is within the field of 105mm diameter based on the center of the protecting board.
  2. When using the machine, should install the protecting board first. If not, manufacture can not confirm all the requirement of the radiation protection. Operator should be behind the protecting board. The air energy should no more than 0.5mGy/h。
  3. Besides operator and patient, the other person should stand in front of the machine, and keep far from the tube, to reduce absorbing scattered ray.
  4. The product is the ray product, usually , any tube and intensifier repairing work should be processed in the factory, to confirm leakage ray can reach safe standard. If user repair these two items by theirselves, our company will not be responsible for ray safety.
  5. Our company consider the user already understand the crisis of the ray, and can adopt the full measure to avoid the harm, if any damage caused by exposing in x-ray, manufacture and sales agent will be responsible for it.
  6. .The aluminum packing box is used for normal usage, if you want to transport, you should add carton and sponge , otherwise the important parts will be easily damaged.
Unit 8: Maintenance
  1. The machine is the precise instrument. Forbidden to open the machine to avoid the accident. If the machine can not use normally, only the trained person can repair.
  2. The power supply use the three wire socket, avoid electric leakage.
  3. The instrument should avoid the moisture and high temperature
  4. Before using, should check the collimator (the center of the collimator should upright with the ray protecting board), and the monitor is right or not. In every two years, you should send the machine to the factory to maintenance for safety.
  5. The machine is guarantee for 1 year, to make sure safety use, manufacture suggest using life if 5 years from the date the machine leave factory or 6 years after the date on QA card, exceed this period, manufacture will not responsible for any repairing.



Unit 9: Alternative accessory
  1. X-ray imaging working station(can work with this machine, or seperately, can provide with medicine imaging record manage system, medicine imaging collect system, medicine imaging graph report system, medicine imaging picture proccessing system, medical record printed system ).
  2. Pedal switch.
  3. 14 or 10 inch monitor.
  4. USB TV Box.
  5. Battery.

Unit 10 Power pin explanation
The plug from the power box to the machine is 5 wire type, the definition is shown as below:
No. 1 pin                          Power negative
No. 2 pin                          Power positive
No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 pin             Spare


Unit 11 Structure explanation
See as the figure 1 Figure 1   Portable X-ray fluoroscopy instrument drawing
⒈X-ray tube;
⒊Lead column
⒋Power plug
⒎New type x-ray image intensifier
⒏Protecting board
9. X-ray outside marking


Packing list
Main unit1
Power part1
Power wire1
Monitor connecting wire1
Protecting board1
Operating manual1
Q.A card1
Warranty card1



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