Operating manual (System 3000)

Posted on 2015-03-30
Microtype surgical power tools
(System 3000)
Operating manual
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Microtype surgical power tools if for application in microsurgery. The whole set including reamer,reciprocating saw and oscillating saw. The instrument with small volume, light weight, safely operating and variable speed control without step.


For application in microsurgery, used for drilling, cutting, expanding and implant.


Model explanation:
BJWJZ-IHandpiece, straight attachment, angled attachment, reciprocating saw attachment, oscillating saw attachment, abrasive head, saw blades, power supply, pedal switch 
BJWJ-IHandpiece, straight attachment, oscillating saw attachment, saw blades, power supply, pedal switch. 
BJWZ-1Handpiece, straight attachment, angled attachment, power supply, pedal switch 

Products classification:
Classification is based on shocking protection, the instrument belongs to Ⅰ-B type common device.


Technical data:
Power controller:
Input voltage: AC 220V; 50Hz                 input power: 130VA
Input current: 4.5A                           output power: 100VA
1. power switch
2.speed control button
3. speed adjust indication
4.direction switch
5. hand movement switch
6. handpiece socket
7. pedal    switch
8. fuse-socket


Input voltage: DC24V     Output power: ≥ 10W
Motor rotational speed: ≥ 40000r/min


1.handpiece plug 2. Micro-motor   3.wire   4. power plug


Power controller:
Straight, angled reaming head: rotational speed: ≥ 40000rpm
  1. Reaming head
  2. buffer tube
  3. locking nut
  4. straight reaming attachment
  5. angled reaming attachment



Operating introduction:
  1. connect the pedal switch plug to power controller.
  2. connect the handpiece and power wire.
  3. a. depress “∣” on power switch, means connect power controller to the power, stamp the pedal switch, then the motor start to work.
           b. depress “○” on power switch, means power is closed, then the instrument stop working.
c. depress speed adjusting button “△" slowly, means increasing speed.
d. epress speed adjusting button “▽" slowly, means reducing speed.


  1. If change direction, please release pedal switch or hand movement switch first.
  2. according to operation requirement, choose different attachment (straight, angled reaming attachment, straight saw attachment, oscillating saw attachment), insert reaming head or saw blade according to drilling hole’s diameter, insert the main unit axle into handpiece hole, make sure they are match perfectly. After finishing above process, test it first, if there’s no abnormal noise, means the instrument can be used.

  1. Insert reaming head first, then the instrument can start to work.
  2. The instrument must be sterilized before using.
  3. The user must be the person who has relative technical experience or has been trained.
  4. Test the instrument before using.
    1. Do check the drill bit’s jumping before procedure performance, if it jump too big range, it can not be used. Check the drill if sharp, if not should be burnished. Reaming head and saw blade are fast consumption goods, the life is about 10 times. When the tool used to cut the object, then it should be fixed and without vibrating. If the drill bit is broken, please replace it immediately.
    2. The power controller has short circuit protection equipment, when happen to short circuit, the protection equipment will cut output power automatically. After finish troubleshooting, connect the power, the power controller re-work automatically.

Clean the instrument after using, rinse the motor and handpiece connect hole with medical used lotion, until the clean water flow out. To guard against shake damage or any liquids to enter the interior of the instrument, please clean it after performance procedure and put it in dry place. (Make sure the relative humidity is less than 80%, and no corrosive gas )


According to hospital’s sterilization standard, reaming head and saw blade must be autoclavable. Straight and angled reaming head, straight saw attachment, oscillating saw attachment, handpiece must be put into autoclave, sterilized by steam of formalin. After sterilization, do check first before using.


  1. Don’t attempt to take down some broken part yourself, if it’s broken down, contact factory customer service.
  2. Contact the factory to applying for technical materials.
  3. If product improvement cause some alteration on specification in the operating manual, this alteration without further notice.

Transportation condition:
1. Environmental temperature: -10℃~-40℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
3.Air pressure: 500hPa~1060hPa


Instrument running condition:
1. Environmental temperature: 5℃~40℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 70%
3. Air pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa
4. Power controller: (AC)220V, 50Hz
5. Motor power: (DC) 24V


Packing list:
1Handpiece (with wire)DC 24V1 
2Power controller (with wire)Output: DC24V.; 4.5A1 
3Pedal switch 1 
4Straight attachment 1 
5Angled attachment 1 


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