Oscillating saw and acetabulum grinding drilling applications in joint replacement surgery

Posted on 2015-07-03
Total joint arthroplasty (THA) is to treat the elderly femoral neck fracture and the knee joint disease one of the effective method.When older people with rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic necrosis of femoral head, traumatic arthritis and certain diseases such as hip fractures in conservative treatment for a long time no substantial improvement, joint replacement surgery can be used.Due to the replacement of artificial joints, and limited ability to withstand mechanical wear in commonly used ten to twenty years after the need to change, so the operation is not easy to premature age, patients aged between 60-70 is the best age group.
Joint replacement surgery operation in the process is the use of artificial joint replacement material damaged bone tissue, and the pendulum saw and acetabulum grinding drill is essential to joint replacement surgery and medical instruments.Oscillating saw when surgery is mainly used to accurate to remove damaged bone tissue and the surface of the tibia and so on, and acetabulum drill mainly to the removal of the surface polishing and rectified.
Oscillating saw and acetabulum grinding drill preoperatively requires high temperature and high pressure disinfection and after disinfection are inserted on pendulum saw host saw blade, saw blade is expendable, so we suggest that the degree of preoperative examination of saw blade sharp, the same blade use not more than three sets of operation, otherwise the blade will not effective due to wear and aging cutting bone tissue.Insert needs to be checked after saw blade saw blade if equipment is firm, to avoid blade in operation with the host from the fire.
Shanghai Po into medical devices co., LTD., production place to choose from, the efficient use of the saw blade length is in commonly 70 mm, 90 mm and 100 mm, thickness is in commonly 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm, the thickness of the saw blade and a variety of common knee prosthesis template matching one-off cut bone can be formed after the perfect adaptation of prosthesis, so the doctor needs to choose a good use of the saw blade in front of the joint replacement surgery.Po into the company on saw blade is designed specially, the operation can be guaranteed under the contact pressure of small achieve precise neat bone cutting, thereby significantly reducing cutting heat and cause the risk of osteonecrosis.
Acetabulum grinding drill in main used in joint replacement surgery to remove surface polishing and rectified, ShiJia body joints can better adaptation and placed in the body.Acetabulum grinding drill is often referred to as "slow drill", in the joint replacement surgery on the joint surface grinding, sawing the drill and bone interface is often larger, if speed is easy to cause the bone surface burn too rapidly and necrosis, so speed general design in 0-400 revolutions per minute.Speed too fast torque caused by too small also not suitable for sawing drilling finish grinding in surgery.
Due to bone size will be a difference between adults and children, the same bone size will have the difference between a man and a woman, so before we have to target the patient's age and gender to selection of acetabulum grinding apparatus, find the adapter acetabulum burnish implement joint replacement surgery again this is very important.
To sum up, in the joint replacement surgery pendulum saw is mainly used for cutting of damaged tissue, acetabulum drill is mainly used for the cutting surface polishing.Before surgery, need to do a good job in disinfection of medical electric saws drill according to the actual situation of patients and surgical condition choose different saw blades and accessories.