Why Choose BOJIN?

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Shanghai, Bojin, as an advanced orthopedic equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, Bojin focuses on the development and marketing of orthopedic-purpose motor products, X-ray imagescopes, treatment apparatus, and supporting surgical tools/parts. It has more than one hundred types of orthopedic products under 8 series, which have received QC certification of 3C, ISO9001, ISO13485, CE of the EU, and FDA Registry 3008787426. Its mission is to satisfy the needs of patients and medical care with innovative high-tech products and therefore become a promoter of people’s orthopedic health.It has built a healthy sales and services network thanks to its 200 dedicated employees in the marketing companies or teams in more than 4countries and regions across North America, Europe and Asia. Its products are used in more than 60 countries and, in particular, in more than 5000 Chinese medical institutions 70% of which are 3A-rated hospitals.Bojin respects professionalism and talents and values core technology R&D. Its R&D team accounts for up to 20% of its staff, for it is fully aware that its top-notch professionals provide for the healthy operation of the company, the steady supply of high-quality medical equipment and comprehensive services for its global customers. Its innovation in products and solutions reduce social medical costs and therefore lessen the financial burden of patients. In the spirit of valuing life and health, Bojin, with a strong sense of social responsibility, are dedicated to innovating technology and upgrading product quality, thus ultimately helping improve the health of larger population.Its development is, as always, dependent upon technological innovation, common endeavor of the staff, and constant improvement of management philosophy. Each step forward has witnessed the staff’s resilience and entrepreneurship, which, in turn, promotes the company’s development and fortifies the staff’s confidence in the company’s prospect.


1992 - Establishment of the company
1993 - Set up a manufacturing base in collaboration with the Second PLA Medical University
1994 - Launched its first-generation superlow-radioactivity portable X-ray imagescope
1995 - Launched its first bone fracture treatment apparatus
1996 - Put into use the second manufacturing base in Shanghai University
1997 - Ranked NO.1 in sales volume in the same industry in China; increased investment in R&D
1998 - Issued BJ1000 orthopedic motor products and became the first ever company in China to launch such products
2000 - Launched the CCD-imaging and self-powered BJI-IJ superlow-radioactivity portable X-ray imagescope
2001 - Launched BJ4000 series of orthopedic products
2002 - Launched BJ6000 series of orthopedic products
2003 - Launched BJ8000 series of orthopedic products
2005 - Became China’s largest company encompassing the R&D, Manufacturing and marketing of orthopedic motor products and X-ray imagescopes
2009 - Completed and put into use the Jiading manufacturing base
2010 - Issued the BJ4300 and BJ5000 series of orthopedic products
2010 - Exhibited in the hall of private businesses in “Shining and Positioning” of the 2010 World Expo
2011 - Its electric saw and drill accredited “Famous High Quality Medical tool of Shanghai”