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    As an advanced orthopedic equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, Bojin focuses on the development and marketing of orthopedic-purpose motor products, X-ray Fluoroscopy Instrument, and supporting surgical tools. It has built a pre-sales/after sales services network in some countries and regions across North America, Europe and Asia. Its products are used in more than 80 countries and, in particular, in more than 20000 Chinese medical institutions 70% of which are 3A-rated hospitals. We like providing the best pre-sales/after sales service for customs to satisfy the needs of them everywhere in the words. The best pre-sales/after sales service is a cornerstone of our operating philosophy. Our product has one or two year warranty period and lifetime maintenance for free. Whether you need spare parts and service for your current product,want to inquire about a new machine or instrument, or need to correspond with one of our engineers, our highly-qualified staff stands ready to help you,We will always respond promptly and effectively to all your support requests.You can contact to Shanghai Bojin Pre-sales/after sales service.
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